Saturday, May 11, 2013

StoryMakers Conference Report

Today I'm finishing up my 10th LDStoryMakers Conference. What a great conference, once again! As of today, I've made some new writing goals and am renewing some old ones.

The conference has been so much fun--mostly because I get to meet with longtime writing friends. The conference organizers showed a collage of pictures from coferences over the last 10 years, including a picture of me where I wore a red dress and wig to accept my first-chapter contest win in the women's fiction category. Of all of the things I have done at writing conferences over the years, that single event gets mentioned the most! I'll post the picture of it later if I can find it.

So, after having blogged with a group of great friends at LDS Writers Blogck, which I founded a number of year ago, I have now created my new author blog, Town of Eagles (which is the meaning of my first name). I hope to get active with blogging as much as I used to be with LDS Writers Blogck.

Also, the story about my mother's cancer has been out for a few months now and has jumped to #1 on the Amazon Bestsellers List for Cancer Books (which I'm going to cover here tomorrow for Mother's Day!), so now it's time to get back to my middle-grade novel, _There's an Alien in my Head!_. I really love this story and am SO excited to get back to it this week.

I pitched this kids' novel about an alien invasion at an elemenctary school in a live pitch session to an agent this afternoon and got a full manuscript request! What a great start to restart my quest to get an agent to sell my book.


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